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of this place. in october of 2009 i came with my crew for three days just as an experiment and film in the city just as an outsider. talked to a few people. absolutely riveretted by the people and the plays. i thought there's definitely a movie here. we need to make a film in detroit. host: when impacted, i read your father had an impact on you watching him and his business over the years. guest: , that's right, my father is had a manufacturing company. he really like in the 1980s with the rise in japan had to innovate and come up up with new ideas and making it difficult to create products. he started engineering complicated things that couldn't be replicated or stolen or easily made overseas. that's now his business arrived. i kind of had a front row seat to what it was like going you in the 1980s. how he survived was interesting it was all about being nimble and innovative. which i think detroit needs and the rest of the country pretty much needs right now. host: his business partners over the years, around detroit moved out of there to mexico or some other place other than the united st
buildings and cities. there was a project in copenhagen. the mayor came to us with a very precise question which was how can all of this data and technology help us to change and make the city more sustainable. if the go to copenhagen, traffic in the city looks like this. you had a lot of cars in the city center. now they have 30% or 50s arm every day. -- 50% every day. you have this bicycle idea. i do not know if we can put the audio. this will give your energy. despite changing the will you will save the energy. we can monitor what you are doing. the king collect information. -- they can collect information. all of these things you can share with your friends. a convicted on facebook. -- you can put it on facebook. it is a very good way to increase the number of sites in copenhagen. instead collecting air miles, you collect green miles. this was the initial prototype. now we have these in cars. we are getting very close to its. publicly it will be here next year. read it carefully, it will be here next year. read it carefully, it will be here next year. -- hopefully, it will be here next
based? >> new york city. >> which of those documentaries made it biggest? >> jesus camp. we made a film called "jesus camp." we lost to al gore convenient truth. we all knew we were going to lose. it really sort of struck a nerve. it was really a look at the evangelical right through the eyes of children who are being home schooled and creationism, etcetera. it was at that time in 2007 a real window into this world. we impact judgment on the kids. sort of put a face on the nameless christian right. christian right responsible for electing george bush. for us, we went in and met these children and their families. we realized pretty quickly that these were the so-called foot soldiers for the right wing of the republican party. they also just believers and religious people and you know, going to the beat of their own drum. really, it was eye opening for us. we really tried to just paint the picture of how things are with these communities without passing any judgment. >> i saw that documentary and he question as i was watching, why did this camp let you in? >> the families are proud how
help us to change and make the city more sustainable. if the go to copenhagen, traffic in the city looks like this. you had a lot of cars in the city center. now they have 30% or 50% every day. you have this bicycle idea. i do not know if we can put the audio. this will give your energy. despite changing the will you will save the energy. we can monitor what you are doing. they can collect information. all of these things you can share with your friends. you can put it on facebook. it is a very good way to increase the number of sites in copenhagen. instead collecting air miles, you collect green miles. this was the initial prototype. now we have these in cars. we are getting very close to its. hopefully, it will be here next year. >> come up on the stage. this is the vice president and director of the metropolitan policy program at the brookings institution. he will be joined by a bunch of other panelists for how far can innovations take our cities. >> thanks. while they get ready, i wanted to thank the sponsors here and think what you have done. you have taken a very broad view o
transportation systems, etc. thank you. >> the cities, who's going to fix the cities and how? >> be glad to take a shot at it. >> please. >> i'm not sure that -- and i can understand if you haven't seen this because there's been a lot of hue and cry -- we passed, this year, the most farthest-looking transportation bill in the history of this country, since eisenhower started the interstate highways, $150 billion for improving the infrastructure. that happened when i was president and so i'm very proud of the way that came about and i think it's a very, very good beginning. like mr. perot, i'm concerned about the deficits, and $150 billion is a lot of money but it's awful hard to say we're going to go out and spend more money when we're trying to get the deficit down. but i would cite that as a major accomplishment. we hear all the negatives. when you're president you expect this, everybody's running against the incumbent, they can do better, everyone knows that. but here's something that we can take great pride in because it really does get to what you're talking about. our home initiative, our
>> this week on "q&a," steve inskeep discusses his book, "instant city: life and death in karachi." >> steve inskeep, when did you first go to work for npr? >> i had been freelancing a while, and hired me to cover politics. i would cover anything that needed done that nobody else would do. on my first full day there, i got on a plan to cover the new hampshire primary. i have been doing it ever since. i have been sent to cover plant cresses, wars, and i really enjoy myself. >> why radio? >> ipad started in high school in radio. my brother got on staff. i figured if my older brother could do it, i could do it. i got on staff. i called football games and basketball games. in college, i got paid $10 a game to the demand for high school and football games, i discover public radio at the same time. i was more of a news guy. i fell in love with npr in particular. i had a saturday morning shift in kentucky. i had to get up, go in, turn the radio on and put on national programs on the air. i got to sit there and listen to scott simon, weekend edition, for two hours. he is a brilliant broad
. caller: we in michigan have to decide in november whether to allow a big state to come into a city to take over and take a financial manager or an emergency manager and. i guess they think the cities who have -- local government where they can come in and remove the city officials. like the mayor, city council. now, i do not think that is what the presidential candidate mitt romney had in mind when he wanted to say states have rights. but what about the city's rights to elect their own elected officials? and i guess follow their own destiny? winnie's a government interference, i understand you are talking about the federal. but i heard mitt romney say states' rights. is it the right of the state to come into the cities and overthrow the local municipalities? if that is big government, small government. i do not know. i think they should have the right to control their own destiny in their own city. it is on the ballot in november. and i am telling everybody in michigan to a vote it down. we did not need dictatorship. it is a dictator bill. host: thank you. on twitter -- the governm
not thinking of any city in particular here. with that kind of operation, let's say you have that operation in a city where the daily newspaper in town started to do some very strange things. i imagine that. it was owned by somebody who was very openly talking they were going to support particular causes, particular developments, particular parties. i imagine something like that could happen. does that add to the obligation of citizens, people like you, to do more to fill that void? or can you still fill the void -- is that city just out of luck? >> first of all, it is a remarkable symbol of what is happening to journalism. locally, the owners of the "union tribune" just purchased the "north county times" -- the assets are collapsing in value. they bought it for $12 million, sold his house for $18 million. putting aside that, these properties can be acquired and done with resume. this is not an expensive problem defects. i think that is an important -- an expensive problem to fix. i think that is an important thing to remember. i have a budget of a little more than $1 million, which is a lo
and cities in the region. at this stage everyone is confident that the staging process, the positioning of resources, commodities, and equipment that will be needed to respond to the storm are in place. as craig has emphasized, this has not made landfall yet. we do not yet know where it will hit, where we're going to see the biggest impacts. that is exactly why it is so important for us to respond big and fast as local information starts coming in. i want to thank all of the members of the team for the outstanding work they're doing, but the other thing that makes this storm unique is that we anticipate it will be slow moving. meaning it may take a long time not only to clear, but to get, for example, power companies back in to clear out the trees and put things back in place so that folks can start moving back home. my main message to everyone involved is that we have to take this seriously. the federal government is working effectively with state and local governments. it will be very important that populations in the impacted states take this seriously, listen to your state and local
. when i was a city councilman in lyndhurst, ohio, i introduced the first property-tax rollback in the history of our city. we give tax relief to senior citizens and working families. i worked in a bipartisan fashion -- and we reconstructed the oversight to the workers' compensation investment fund. i worked in a bipartisan way to pass down the budget and try to keep young people in ohio. identified the exports with ohio and worked in a bipartisan way to manage the finances in the state of ohio where we have the highest rating on our bonds and investment and voluntarily cut our budget two years in a row. >> i would emphasize that he voted with his own party -- he voted with them 96% of the time. the only time he doesn't is if the interest group does not have a better offer. he voted against his leadership to satisfy the pay lenders and raised a lot of money. there is nothing in his elektra -- in his electoral records that would show that he ever stands up to his political party on anything significant. >> is there one big area of disagreement you have with mitt romney, mandel? >
calls the revolving door of repeat offenders in and out of the city. if you drive around they look like they are on the verge of becoming permanent badlands. this will erode any hope of the city's much promised and long talk about revitalization. we need drastic measures. >> let me give you what we're doing. first of all operation pressure point. states who are working with wellington police officers in the city. i have been out there with them, i have been at east 24th street. talk to the residence and they love seeing the people out of control. the state police working with probation and parole officers as well as use probation and parole officers. this is in the public safety area. the attorney-general's office is making sure we have the right prosecution so folks stay behind bars. there also appearing in violation of probation hearings. that is a piece of it. there's no question that public safety is a piece of it. the other is some of the social issues. that is why we opened 10 community centers. kids have a place to go. we opened a curfew center to make sure that kids had a place
are in bankruptcy right now. the city of las vegas is bankrupt. we have no republican leadership. the leadership here is in the tank. let me say something else. if it were not for the jobs act, we would not have -- harry reid has been a great thing getting our watershed. that is federally funded money that is helping two areas, with the rain water and our roads. outside of that, we have nothing. the swap meets are doing much better than anything else in the north las vegas. they do better than the casinos'. who want to spend their money in this economy in the casinos? host: he brings up harry reid. how is he playing in both the presidential and senate race out there? guest: harry reid has put together a machine that is second to none. i think that is the only reason barack obama is doing well here. he made a concerted effort to put together a machine for the democrat party that was going to do nothing but support him and who he wants to support. as far as north las vegas, it is near bankrupt for one reason. they have the highest public union salaries of any city in the state. their city council
. >> what is your estimate of the number of people who descend upon each debate city for these? from the campaigns, the media, the commission, the total? >> a very good question. probably approximates what happens at the national convention. we have about 3700 registered media here. that is the largest contention. we have several hundred people in the audience, and in the campaign staff, their entourage. i would say in total is probably close to that. also, people who come here to be a part of the atmosphere, to be a part of some of the activities going around, occurring around town in connection with the debate. probably approximately 10,000 people. in terms of a very large convention that a city would host, it is not that big, but the extraordinary difference, the entire international press corps and all the press corps of united states is here and will be broadcasting live tonight from denver. >> 92 students get to sit in the hall. who else is in there? how many? >> tickets are divided between the two campaigns. i cannot remember the exact number in the audience here. it is at lea
of this effort for getting the finances under control in the city. firefighters, which detroit needs, because i think it must have the highest case of arson in the country, these guys are laid off. about two weeks later, 100 guys are rehired and when you look to find out where that money came from, it is the department of homeland security. they have a fund for things like that. i don't want to that something you want to think about. the homeland security stepped in to keep detroit as a visit could be for the moment. we are talking about -- a wondered making this film -- we saw the auto industry bailout and a bank bailout, are we heading into an era of bailouts for cities? >> more on this sunday at 8:00 on cspan's "q &a." >> cspan is asking middle and high school students to send a message to the president in a short video. they will answer the question -- what is the most important issue the president should consider in 2014? this is open to students grade 6-12. go on line to student for more details. >> in north carolina, a former republican mayor of charlotte and a democratic lieuten
in 17 states without power. it could be days before the power is restored. seven of 10 new york city tunnels flooded. some say is a freak storm that cannot be tied to climate change. we will get your take on that. republicans -- 202-585-3881. democrats -- 202-585-3880. independence -- 202-585-3882. you can send us a tweet @cspanwj. we will begin with the editorial page. and their thoughts on this. sandy signals an era of extreme weather. this is what the editorial pages to say. even before citi turned ashore near publix city -- debate was raising in scientific and government circles over whether the monster hurricane nor'easter was a spawn of global warming. a lot of the conclusion is that sandy would have happened with or without climate change. but the extra heat and humidity. this much seems beyond speak. because of man-made warming, the united states is in an era of extreme weather events. that is with usa today has to say. contrast that with the washington times editorial page. franken storm. it was not caused the industrial revolution. a 2010 study by the national hurricane sys
that he had phoned her to several cities and asked her to go to sex clubs. it was the certification -- first sex scandal involving a man asking a woman to have sex with him but demanding no for an answer. and the political acumen of someone like me, i should not be running for office either. anyways, obama has not faced a real opponent. we have a mormon who is a breakfast drink is a class of chocolate milk. he is clearly a decent man and honorable man, an honest man. this will be a tough not for the obama team to crack appeared once he becomes president, mitt romney is exactly what the country needs right now. host: what to expect the next couple of weeks will be like after the democrats soul- searching? >> i would say it is more than soul-searching. it is hysteria and screams of lies. i am promoting my book so i have not had a lot of time to cover all the lies they are screaming about. the one on mitt romney wanting to cut taxes on the rich by $5 trillion, let's just take that one. those are estimates made by a liberal tax group. by the way, they have taken an estimate back. the ob
't have large failed cities of crackheads and gangbangers and thus rarely votes for the democrat nominee. gideon moore? >> i'm not sure what to make of that. we certainly have our issues. the fact is that this is a state that traditionally has republican nominees for president and i believe we will return to that in 2012. >> next up is rich in centreville, virginia, on our line for republicans government ahead, rich. >> thanks for taking my call. last night i was watching i think nbc news and they were talking about the electoral votes. this is more for you guys at c-span. when they were talking about the possibility the electoral votes could end up high in the house, romney is the president and senate would elect biden as the vice president, if we go forward next week, is that -- i know the electoral votes may wind up determining the election. could you guys put something together to explain that? i mean, i never thought that was a possibility. and i get so twisted. i don't care what station you're on. only thing i would like to make a comment on is republicans are not racist. people ar
a new headquarters right in the heart of the city of london. so that special relationship that has always existed between the u.k. and u.s. is something i have experienced in a personal way. one of my political heroes has always been, i am proud to say, the son of a nyc native, sir winston churchill. [applause] churchill belonged to two parties in his lifetime while always being an independent. having been a republican and democrat and independent in new york, i can relate to that, putting the common good and head of party politics and the next election was at the core of churchill's approach to leadership. it was an approach that i have always believed we need more up at every level of government all around the world, especially now. these are difficult times. the shift in the global economy , pressure on spending and taxes, on matching deficits and unleashing the forces of innovation. from everything i have seen, the u.k.'s first coalition government since churchill is meeting these challenges head on. in the face of the most challenging economic times we have experienced in deca
is not based on any big city in milwaukee, so he could pretty much say what he wanted and his constituency did not watch c-span. they did not really know the guy. but they know him now. warm hughere's no there. i'm in the age group where it will not affect me if he puts his plan. but i do have done a siblings. my husband has done a siblings and it will affect them. they're in their '40's. one more call from j.c. in missouri, a republican. caller: i want ryan to be vice president. he is going to support mitt romney very good. we have to remember they are christians an. we are going to take back america. we are responsible, because you look at the president and the vice-president, the vice president is not helping the jewish people. the president is putting us in debt. our grandkids will not come out of this. host: thanks for the 25 calls. after all that, there is this tweet -- that's the end of that segment. coming up next, jess bravin will join us for the opening of the supreme court term, which starts today, which cases will be at the top of the dogged and what the teams will be. -- the top o
: the candidates have been through your city many times. have you been to a rally for president obama? caller: i was at one rally and it was raining that day. it was love to stand out there in that rally, but i did it anyway. -- it was rough. host: what was the security like and how early did you have to go? caller: i did not see any incidents and security was not bad. you had to get there a little early because they always block off the main thoroughfares to get into wherever the president is. that was probably the only difficult thing for me, was to get to the venue. i felt secure when i was there. i did not feel anything was going to happen. when you go to these rallies, everybody is all eyeball's anyway because they are hoping nothing does happen, so their life is not in danger. host: how many hours ahead did you have to get their? caller: just a couple. when you do something like that, you have to prepare for something like that. if you have to budget your time for at least -- if it normally takes 15 or 20 minutes to get there, you take that into consideration and then take into considerati
the past 48 hours. on tuesday and wednesday, they visited a combined 11 cities in six states covering more than 3,000 miles each. the president started in florida into ohio, nevada, denver, colorado, out to los angeles for an appearance on "the tonight show" last night. the president traveling again back in that crucial swing state of ohio. mitt romney's camp also going to ohio, out to nevada in rena and also to colorado. we will be tracking all those movements today. we want to know which issue is driving your vote. we will start on the democratic line. robert, what is driving your vote? caller: the republicans made the statement that they refuse to work with this president and they were going to see that he was going to be a one-time president. because of that, i think we should send this president back to the white house to work with republicans. otherwise we would be perpetuating a dysfunctional government. we should put him back in the white house and forced the republicans to work with this president. if we do not, we are perpetuating the prophecy of this president being a one-time p
, rockingham county area, cities like rochester are certainly areas that are indicative of what may happen in this election. but the other location candidates are coming into is the city of nashua, the second- largest city in the state. we are seeing the president was there a few days ago last saturday. it seems to be a place that is being fought over. it's along the massachusetts border. massachusetts is the stated that governor romney led. so it is a very interesting area. many of the people from nashua work in massachusetts. host: who are the voters in this area? guest: new hampshire has traditionally libertarian streak. our motto is live free or die. it is a tossup location. the voters, i think they are voting for the person they think is going to lead this country the next four years. some people will say new hampshire has a summer home of governor romney and the state next door, massachusetts, where he was governor. i think that is less of a factor. i think the people of new hampshire can see beyond that and are voting for the person they think is best for the 50 states. host: tell u
and i've talked to the governors of the potentially impacted states as well as the cities in the region. at this stage, everybody is confident that the staging process, the position of equipment that are going to be needed to respond to the storm are in place. but as craig has imp sized this hasn't hit land fall yet so we don't know where it's going to hit or where we're going to see the biggest impacts. and that's why it's so important for us to respond big and fast as local information starts coming in. i want to thank all the members of the team for the outstanding work that they're doing. but the other thing that makes this storm unique is we anticipate it's going to be slow moving. that means it may take a long time not only to clear but to get, for example, the power companies to get in to clear trees and put things back in place so that folks can start moving back home. so my main message to everybody involved is that we have to take this seriously t. federal government is working effectively with the state and local dwovements. it's going to be very important that populations in
is a coach, and behind the coach, a team, and beyond the team, the supporters. and behind them, a whole city, an entire country -- the u.k. nations, united behind one goal. what a contrast from a year ago. when england's cities burned in a week of riots and the images were not of athletes running to the finish line, but the mob running at police lines. when the flames climbed not from the olympic torch but a furniture shop in soutland. a 140-year-old business that survived two world wars, razed to the ground. even then -- we saw our country's trouue character when residents came out on the streets to clear up the mess. and this summer, when the reeves furniture shop -- decked with photos of young people with messages of hope. and who put those pictures up? young volunteers and an 81-year- old man named morris reeves, who ran the shop before handing it over to his son. morris, your example should inspire a generation. [applause] >> to think -- [applause] >> what morris has shown is that paralympians reminded us that success doesn't come easy or quick. or a culture of recent celebrity obscures
that i am familiar with. i would reinstate the mexico city policy which is that foreign aid dollars from the united states would not be used to carry out abortions and other countries. host: that is audio from his sit-down with the "desk moines register"board. >> his campaign has been very disciplined lately. that was not the right place. the problem and should have not said under any circumstances. what i think it means is that he picked paul ryan as the biggest issue. he said he will put every bit of his efforts into that. once that is fixed, you can turn to other issues. that's probably a view that is shared by the vast majority of americans. you don't want to deal with abortion, that you are making that a secondary issue. for voters, that is a primary issue. it is about whether people live or die. i was a very violence led community. -- they have a very pro-life community. host: is the headline from "politico." let's go to the phones. san marino, california, republican. caller: thank you for cspan. i want to get your impression over the whole thing that we have been told our last, ho
seen the bank bailouts. are we heading into an era of bailout the city. is there such thing of killing out the city? >> tonight at 8:00 p.m. on "q & a." >> joining us is senator rand paul of kentucky. thanks for being with us. here for the question is susan ferrechio and niels lesniewski. let me begin with questions asking for the video from benghazi on the evening of september 12 and september 11. do you watch that video released? what do you think we will learn? >> i have a lot of questions about benghazi. i do not know if the video shows of people die in the street or information you do not want to see. my question is why were no special forces some and? could they have got in there in time. that is important. why were there no marines there in the first place? whoever made that decision, it was an unwise decision to put an ambassador in one of the most dangerous countries on earth and have no marines there to protect him. whoever made that decision should be fired immediately. the president said the bus stops with him. ck stopsllary -- the bul with him. he or hillary clinton needs
the flooding and pumping out the water in new york city can move more quickly. there may be resources to bear to help. private utilities get their equipment and personnel in place so we can get power up and running as soon as possible. so my message to the governors and mayors and through them to the communities that have been hit so hard is that we are going to do everything we can to get resources to you and make sure any unmet need is identified. we are responding to it as quickly as possible. i told the mayors and governors if they're getting no for an answer somewhere in the federal government, they can call me personally at the white house. obviously the state and local federal response is important, but what we do as a community, what we do as neighbors and fellow citizens is equally important. a couple of things i want the public to know they can do. first of all, because our local law enforcement, first responders, to the extent everyone can be out there looking out for neighbors, especially older folks that is really important. if you have a neighbor nearby you are not sure how they
and an otherwise industrial city, one of the big car manufacturers add that time, there was a certain amount of drift between the two. it was great fun. i hung out with a lot of the -- all of the reporters there except for me were oxford graduates. i learned a lot. i learned a lot from them. a very good time. i came in on my day off. the editor was a man named to w. harford thomas. i came there to pick up my mail because it was my fixed address, i was moving from one rooming house to another. sometimes only half a day, but i had one day off a week. this was a saturday. i went to pick up my mail, and i was wearing a t-shirt. it was a summer. when i picked up my mail, when i came into the office the next day there was a note in my pigeon hole from w. harford thomas that said, mr. safer, we at "the mail" generally prefer dark clothing. >> if it had been a dark t- shirt, you would have been alright. >> he meant -- and certainly not with a pink tie. >> there are always those moments in life that make a difference and change everything. what was the first one for you? >> certainly the day -- i was
chief talks about a revolving door of repeat offenders. sections of the city if you drive around look like they are on the verge of becoming permanent battle plans. this is a country road possibly any hope that the city's much promised and a long talk about revitalization. of sedwick and a police are way out of it. are you saying we need drastic measures? >> i cannot run the police department, but let me show you what we are doing. operation a pressure point, state troopers working with wilmington police officers on foot patrol in the city. i have been out there with them. i had been at east 24th street, part to the residence. that is number one. #two, which recall epergne grant. we have got the state police working what patrols to make sure we are focusing on the most violent offenders. this is still all in the area of public safety. the attorney general's office is making sure we of the rate prosecutors, and bail hearings, so people stay behind bars, and bay are at probation hearings. that is a piece of it. there's no question that public safety is a piece of it. and the social issu
we did leading up to the olympics. >> there is mitt romney who ran the salt lake city games, waiting to china, home to a billion people. thousands of their jobs thanks to romney appeared and india. he kept millions in swiss banks. those swiss sure know how to keep a secret. speaking of secret, there is bermuda, home to a secret corp. set up by romney. no one knows why and romney will tell. and the cayman islands, where romney keeps millions to avoid u.s. taxes. you have to say this about mitt romney. he sure knows how to go for the gold. >> so the u.s. olympic committee was not that happy. [laughter] as you might expect. that ad was a little bit short lived, but it got a lot of free media coverage and a lot of views on the internet. and kudos to one of the leading advisers to priorities who came up with the idea for that ad. it is a lot of fun to do what we do for a living. priorities has been eager experience. as -- has been a great experience good as money flowed into the super paks in general, and also to priorities, we have played an important role in this campaign. not the kind
, this is from "the new york daily news." "shot, city braces for a monster." of the store is looking at the potential impact of the storm. "destructive potential of the storm tops the scale." bill, florida, what do you think the impact could be on campaign 2012? >> being in florida, florida has received more hurricanes than any other state in the nation and we don't seem to be disrupted whit comes to voting times host: so you're not worried about it. caller: i am in terms of any bad weather. i've been watching the three debates and the white tie dinner in chicago, i've watched all the debates on c-span so far. host: when you say the white -- the fancy dress event, are you talking about the al smith dinner in new york? caller: that's right. everybody has made shots at mr. biden. they don't realize he's only a heart beat away from being the commander in chief of this country. host: good morning. caller: thanks for taking my call. i don't know which party it's going to hurt more or help for that matter. i think it's just going to end the race for the president early because i think som
infrastructure from cyber security threats. he spoke from new york city. he urged congress to pass the cyber security bill that was brought in august from the senate. this is about 40 minutes. >> frank -- five words -- you deserve to be here. ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure and high honor to introduce one of the most talented, reverse the talk, and experienced leaders in american government. he served our country by meeting the extraordinary challenges of our time. leon panetta things back on his days as a first lieutenant in the u.s. army intelligence. he received a medal. as a member of congress, he chaired the house legislature committee before moving on to the director of a budget. from there president clinton tapped him to become the white house chief of staff. as director of central intelligence, leon panetta made many critical decisions. he made a very public contribution to the united states of america and to our very own new york city. he oversaw this daring mission that ended the life of one osama bin laden. [applause] thank you, mr. secretary. the persistence, courag
the salt lake city tribune which is a paper that praises mitt romney but endorses the president. florida a key battleground state and the tampa bay times endorses president barack obama. next is a caller from oregon. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i personally think you have to keep your eye out on them. are you there? host: yes. caller: you have to keep your eye on the media. the fourth estate. i really pay attention locally. i think that is really important. i think people need to really start at home. i tried to listen to everybody. i called on the republican line. i definitely listen to other people. i watch a lot of c-span, which educates me a lot. people need to not be so easily set -- easily lead it. host: thank you. on our twitter page -- another key florida newspaper endorses mitt romney. to reset is on the phone from jersey city, new jersey. -- theresa is o nthe phone. caller: i do not think it matters to they endorse. they are just like people. they slant one way or the other. they are either liberal newspapers or conservative newspapers. i really feel tha
, the democratic strength in urban areas, the city of columbus, cincinnati, the southwest part of the state. the three blue counties, that's coal country area. appalachian influence. athens county near the market is the home of ohio university. and you have the industrial area of leary -- lake eerie. the blue dots show were the democrats have visited. you concede that they have been employing in early voting strategy. each place that they have visited is a place that has a significant african-american inner-city population. currently, if you look at the early voting totals. three visits in cleveland, one in lorraine that has a small industrial community down the road. one in canton, a small african american community. barack obama has visited ohio university. the one dot is bill clinton. they sent the big dog to the area where everyone had the votes will be culturally like him. there is one shot that does not fit into that, two counties north of columbus. joe biden was an ohio -- in marion, ohio. he was not there to pay homage to warren harding or norman thomas. he was there because they ar
in the quad cities, but good news the democrats. it's very heavy in northwest iowa, but good for republicans. the central part of the states, including des moines, that democratic. we will watch the turnout. democrats have to come out of here with $10,000 plurality of voters in that county, the democratic part of the state. we will see what kind of "margin call, obama has here. host: voting systems in your state, how do you vote? guest: i voted two weeks ago. we have early voting and starts three weeks before the election. you can vote early. about one-third of the total votes cast will be cast before election day. a lot of the stuff that's happening right now in terms of trying to influence voters is wasted, because a lot of people have already voted. you can vote in your present before the election and then we have -- we vote in precincts across the state in every corner of the state by machine. host: if there were any issues and a recount was necessary, how does that work in iowa? guest: we do have a procedure for a recount. if an election is within 2 percentage points, it's an automatic
, new york city where we could see 6-eleven be combined surge in tied in some spots. the storm surge unit has been watching the water values all day and everything seems to be coming up in the areas we generally anticipated. it appears to be on its way to coming to fruition generally in the rainfall could be measured in terms of feet. hopefully not more than 1 foot, but certainly could be more than a foot in some places. several inches in many spots. that could lead -- that will be coastal areas the and inland over the next few to several days that could lead to the flash flooding on short-time skills and potentially river flooding. there is also the snow component. up to 2-3 feet of snow in the mountain areas. virginia along the appalachian chain between kentucky, virginia, tennessee, and north carolina. will the hazard event. time is running out for preparation and many areas, especially coastal as conditions deteriorate before landfall later tonight. that is a summary of what i have. back to you. >> with that, we will moving to questions. please limit yourself to one question with
is broken. now, over and over she will repeat this incident in the city of plymouth, and it's a shame, it is a shame, it is a shame that you are trying to make me seem like i'm anti-american. >> six years, six years, six years. >> the beauty of america, for which my father and your uncles went to war for were to protect our ability to give voice to our american heritage to, give them a voice in our american story, congresswoman. >> all right, thank you, dr. ruiz. next question. >> congresswoman, this is for you -- two years ago you told the "desert sun" that it was in our best interest that the united states remain in both iraq and afghanistan. last months you told the veterans that if president obama couldn't outline a clear and concise explanation of why troops remain in afghanistan, then the u.s. should "get the hell out." what prompted such a change in perspective, and if the u.s. pulled out immediately, how do you address concern that the enemy will fill the void? >> let me go back to a little bit more thorough reporting than that. and the article is there. but what i did say is
, here is dean. the shifting population creates the 4th district. urban cities join sioux city and the rurlal district steve king has represented for 10 years. he's been winning reelection by comfortable margins, getting a fifth term -- but redistricting, drawing in ames and the iowa state university may dillute the republican dominance. christie vilsack moved to ames to declare dcandidacy for his seat. she traveled the state during tom vilsack's years as governor. welcome to iowa press. you are familiar with the format. with this audience and the iewers --on vewers, they will cheer at the beginning and end. the question in this debate edition come from sioux city journal writer bret heyward and kay henderson. >> mrs. vilsack, at an iowa fundraiser, you said, you were running to prove being a woman is not a barrier. do you ask for them to put aside their issues and vote on you because you're a woman? will think the delegation be stronger and i am from one of two states who have neve relected a woman. being a small-time person. and being 62 years old is something i bring to this
be allowed to vote. i remember when i change my address from the same city to a different address, it was an election year. i would have had to wait until the next election before i was allowed to vote. i have been a vote for quite a long time, and i vote absentee because i am in a wheelchair. i think it is and average the way it is so forceful to get mitt romney into the office. nobody bothered to look -- when you start drilling and digging, we are allowed to be over populated. nobody bothered to check if we have enough land or water. the list goes on and on. host: thank you for the call. this is from jan. what happens if there is a recount or an election dispute? the numbers are on the bottom of the screen. also facebook and our e-mail address. from the "philadelphia inquirer .: we will turn more to pennsylvania later in the program as we focus on 10 key battleground states. another editorial we want to share with the from the des moines and register, which in the past it endorsed democrats. the last time it endorsed a republican was richard nixon. we will talk to the editorial
are closed. numerous commercial flights grounded. the d.c. and new york city metro services have stopped altogether. the new york stock exchange and the nasdaq have halted all possiblyday and possib tomorrow. many of the campaign events that we are planning to cover today have been cancelled due to the storm. president obama is cutting back on his campaign appearances today. he was to appear with bill clinton in florida this morning. instead he will be in washington monitoring the storm from the white house. mitt romney is in the midwest today with stops in three battleground states, starting with an event in ohio. then he's headed to dive and por -- davenport, iowa, and then wisconsin. we will have live coverage of governor romney in ohio, set to start at 11:50 eastern. we are scheduled to have live coverage of a rally for the president in youngstown, ohio. he was supposed to appear with bill clinton. instead vice-president joe biden will take its place. live coverage of that event at 3:30 eastern this afternoon on c-span. [video clip] >> if you consider that a while ago no one would ev
from egypt to syria. from saudi arabia to libya. he was known for walking the streets of the city where he " -- where he worked, tasting the local food, meeting as many people as he could, speaking arabic, listening with a broad smile crest went to bed gauzy in the early days of the libyan revolution. -- with a broad smile. he went there during the early days of the libyan revolution and helped the people cope with a violent conflicts, cared for the union, and crafted -- cared for the wounded, and crafted a vision where all would be supported. he supported the birth of a new democracy as libyans held elections and built new institutions. he began to move a forward after decades of dictatorship. chris stevens love his work. he took pride in the country he served anti sought dignity in the people that he met. two weeks ago, he traveled to establish a new cultural center and build a hospital. that is when the compound came under attack, along with three of his colleagues, chris was killed in the city that he helped to save. he was 52 years old. a study this story because chris stevens embo
at unemployment numbers. you can look at where gas prices are at. you can look at the history of the city-state's to give you a sense of where the have been in the past and where they might be headed. it gives you a good sense of which states are in playing. you can play around and make your own map and the electorial map and sketched out a different paths for each of the candidates. host: so far you have 251 votes for president obama and 181 for mitt romney. what do you base the data and making this analysis? guest: and decided which states are in play, we look at an average of the polls. we look at the polls that are out there. you can see when you look at the data that is available but the polling numbers show. we're constantly getting new poll information. we will see the numbers continue to shift and change as the of election comes closer. they could potentially go either way. host: states in play? guest: we still see florida and ohio among the most coveted states. the have a lot of electoral votes. they are still very close. florida at this point looks to be about tied. you can see
under control in the city. arson in the country. these guys are laid off. about two weeks later, 100 guys are retired. when you look to find out where that money came from, it was the department of homeland security. they have a fund for things like that. i do not want to overstate but that is something you want to think about. the department of homeland security did step in and out to keep detroit as safe as it can be for the moment. it could be a lot safer. we're talking about, i wonder -- we have seen the auto industry bailout. the bank bailout. are we heading into an era of bailouts of cities? is there a thing as it failed city? what's more with "detropisa"'s co-director. what c-span is asking high school and middle school students to send a message to the president and ask what is the most important issue -- consider in 2013? for a chance to win $5,000. c-span's student cam video competition is open to students rate six through 12. the deadline is january 18, 2013. former governor tommy thompson faced tammy baldwin in their third and final debate for wisconsin u.s. senate seat.
post, we wrote the rules. and i'll close on the great city of detroit, when we talk about the bailout and which way it should go or bain capital. people have to realize, they have to understand that most of general motors jobs are now presently overseas and the head of general motors who took all the money is now crying that 7.5 million in pay is not enough. the united auto workers are still at entry level being hired in at over $19 an hour that's their pay but their total compensation with healthcare and bonuses comes out to $55 an hour. host: talk to us about the economic situation particularly in mecklenburg county and in charlotte which is a big banking center. guest: it is primarily a finances center. we've been working to expand our energy base as well. but historically as the been a finances center. we took a strong hit in 2008 when bank of america got hit. but it's still a finances town. host: an in colorado is our next caller on our line for independence. go ahead. caller: thank you. i used to work for one of the financial firms and interested because north carolina is a larg
liberal city and textiles is not our primary industry. i live across the road from billy graham's compound. you did not bring up the fact that he removed mitt romney and mormon is and as a call from his list and has been controversial here. -- as a cult. for the last two years, republicans have been in control of north carolina, unfortunately. they get into abortion and voter i.d. which was defeated. going back to asheville, we are a liberal city. i have already voted for obama and i voted for him in 2008 and i think he is the answer for this country, not mid romney. host: talk to us. guest: western north carolina is a fairly conservative area. asheville is a liberal pocket within western north carolina. it is true that the website for the graham association had listed more medicine as a cult until recently, until they had kind words for mitt romney and they took that off their website. make about what you will. host: our next call comes from edwin in new bern, n.c., on our line for republicans. caller: i am glad to see you on the air but my thing is -- in this election has been more nucle
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